Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I found two new online articles that discuss racism and violence in video games, though both of them are a little old. One is from Mother Jones, an article by Paul Keegan titled "Culture Quake," and it describes the move toward violence after the success of two nonviolent games, Myst and Riven, and how Duke Nukem became the hot item. It's from 1999, November/December.

The other is an article from, titled "VIDEO GAMES: Playing Against Racism." It's from June 8, 2005 -- "Seeking to wipe out the video game industry's use of racial and gender stereotypes, a new program teaches students of color how to make their own games." It's by Carrie Kilman.

There's also a film called "Game Over: Gender, Race, and Violence in Video Games," a film by Nina Huntemannfrom Media Education Foundation, 2000. It's got a segment on race, though the whole thing is only 41 minutes long.

A game called "Ethnic Cleansing" is described here, on The Anti-Defamation League spoke out against it.

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