Monday, October 01, 2007

The New York Times reviewer of games, Charles Herold, wrote a review of the game that appeared on the NYTimes website as "Virtual Murder and Mayhem of One Kind or Another" on July 27, 2006. Herold notes that Tommy is abducted to an alien ship in space: "The ship is a deadly place where Tommy must battle aliens, dinosaurlike creatures and demon ghost children. His only chance to survive is to regain the spiritual powers of his ancestors. He soon acquires a falcon spirit guide and learns the ancient Cherokee ability to become a shadow walker who can pass through force fields and kill foes with arrows made of the spirits of fallen enemies."

Herold goes on to note more of Tommy's spiritual growth and the effect of it: "One of Prey’s most unusual features is that after a certain point it becomes impossible to die. When Tommy is killed, he is transported to a spirit realm where he heals himself by shooting magical birds. He is then returned to the ship, where all the enemies he killed or wounded are in the same state he left them in. This means it is impossible to get stuck in the game, and you never have to replay sections."

Whether Tommy's grandfather gets to actually teach Tommy anything isn't mentioned.

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