Monday, October 01, 2007

Some students today mentioned the game Prey, which apparently offers the opportunity to play a Cherokee guy with extraordinary powers: "A simple garage mechanic on his home reservation, Tommy dreams of bigger things. He wants to venture out into the bigger world, away from his family and roots. But his girlfriend, Jen, wants to stay, to build her life here.
Tommy doesn't understand what she loves so much about living on a reservation. More than anything, he wants her to leave this world behind and see the world with him."

The game includes Tommy's friend Jen, another Cherokee girl, and it includes a old spiritual man, Enisi, related by blood to Tommy, the keeper of the wisdom: "Tommy's only link to his bloodline, Enisi is Tommy's grandfather and teacher. Enisi has much wisdom to bestow upon his grandson but Tommy must first open his heart and open his mind to the ways of old."

The writers use the old standard trope that elders hold a secret the young people cannot comprehend, that it is a privilege of having Native American blood in your veins.

The game pits the mechanic Tommy against invading aliens from outer space that look a lot like the devil-looking demons from the DOOM sequence, thus pitting our Native American hero against an enemy that appears to be straight from a very Christian hell.

The TeamXBox site proclaims the game a "serious, dark story, based on authentic Cherokee mythology." We'll see.

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